Mobile Technology

Customized Training

Consult with firms to include office automation technology including scanning and paperless strategies, electronic letterhead and faxes as well as firm processes and workflow using technology.

Consult with new firms to determine infrastructure needs, assist with purchasing and configuring domain names, email and websites, consult on hardware and data storage needs, and install and configure new legal software.

​What We Do - Law Firm Technology

Cloud-based Law Firm

Provides legal software consulting to help firms decide what software will meet their needs, install that software and assist with long-term maintenance, support and upgrades as well as law firm-specific systems including document management, practice management systems and time and billing systems.

As the internet has matured and services have expanded and become more reliable, small and medium sized firms can now gain access to the same types of services that the larger firms have enjoyed for years.  We can help you move to your firm to a safe, security and mobile environment.

Provide ongoing technical support for firms in all aspects of law firm technology.

Office Automation

Review a firm’s current legal applications and process and provide them with a detailed evaluation and recommendations for improvements.  This would provide the groundwork to create a long-term strategy to implement these processes.

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Offer onsite training in both business and legal applications, customized to meet the specific needs of a law firm.  

Ensure that firms can communicate and bill time remotely using smartphone technology, wireless connectivity, and cloud-based services.

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